Quina Fina is the result of an inspired idea to make tonic water the best way possible; encapsulating provenance, history and ingredient.

Tonic Water has a rich but chequered history. It's a story that began in the cloud forests of Loja Province, Ecuador. Here in 1630, Jesuit Monks were the first to use the bark of the Cinchona tree, and it's naturally occurring quinine to treat fever - and later malaria. This ignited centuries of trade that was defined by religion , conflict, colonialism, and deforestation.

Most famously, Cinchona seedlings were exported to British Colonial India where the 'Gin & Tonic' was born - a daily ration of Gin, Quinine Extract, Lemon Juice, Cane sugar and Soda Water. Years later this has become one of the world's most popular mixed drinks.

The Quina Fina story began in 2009 during a research trip to the historic city of Loja, Ecuador. Through a unique collaboration, Quina Fina established a locally supported project to grow Cinchona Officinalis in its native habitat and contribute to natural research. The project has created new interest in this important plant, right where it's history began nearly 400 years ago.